“Post-Crisis Management is just as important as mid-crisis war-rooming. It is an important time to create context in the media and implement organisational change to better face the future.”

The Crisis Management Centre was established by Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd. to assist governments, organisations and individuals manage crises better. The establishment of the centre was a natural step after being involved in numerous crises and natural disasters in Malaysia and the broader Asian region.

The Crisis Management Centre can assist your organisation put in place measures that will reduce the damage and develop strategies to come out the other side of the crisis stronger as an individual and as an organisation. If your organisation is going through or is possibly about to go into a crisis, the Crisis Management Centre can assist.

Within the sphere of Crisis Recovery and Business Continuity, the Crisis Management Centre can assist you and your team with a wide range of services including:

  • Crisis Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy Development
  • Forward-Facing Scenario Planning
  • Post-Crisis Assessment
  • Post-Crisis Communications Support and Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Community and Internal)
  • Government Relations (Political and Regulators)
  • Data-Driven Social Media Analysis
  • Post-Crisis Process Assessment, Policy and SOP Development
  • Training and Workshops (CEO and Spokesperson)
    • Media Training
    • Crisis Management Awareness Training
    • Specific Business Continuity Planning
    • Data Resilience and Consumer Protection
    • Activist Engagement Strategies

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Crisis Management Centre Report_The Emperor's New Clothes Through The Lens of Cyber-Social Manipulation

Crisis Management Centre has identified the existence of coordinated inauthentic behaviour (CIB) and brute force communications in the social media discourse on the chicken supply issue in Malaysia and selected Southeast Asian countries between 1 January and 21 July 2022. The latest Crisis Management Centre report titled ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes Through the Lens of Cyber-Social Manipulation – A Communication Analysis of the Chicken Supply Issue’ shed light on the depth and breadth of the evolution of social media manipulation.

Contact us to get the full copy of the report.