“In a crisis, it is often easy to miss critical steps. Assembling the right stakeholders is crucial in managing crisis effectively.”

If your organisation is going through or is possibly about to go into a crisis that requires stakeholder engagement, the Crisis Management Centre can assist.

Within the sphere of Stakeholder Management, the Crisis Management Centre can assist you and your team with a wide range of services including:

  • Stakeholder Management Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Critical Timeline Planning
  • Shareholder Impact Assessment (Public Listed Companies)
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Community and Internal)
  • Government Relations (Political and Regulators)
  • Media Relations
  • Post-Crisis Assessment and Recovery Planning
  • Research and Policy Advocacy

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Crisis Management Centre Report_The Emperor's New Clothes Through The Lens of Cyber-Social ManipulationCrisis Management Centre has identified the existence of coordinated inauthentic behaviour (CIB) and brute force communications in the social media discourse on the chicken supply issue in Malaysia and selected Southeast Asian countries between 1 January and 21 July 2022. The latest Crisis Management Centre report titled ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes Through the Lens of Cyber-Social Manipulation – A Communication Analysis of the Chicken Supply Issue’ shed light on the depth and breadth of the evolution of social media manipulation.

The research utilised advanced artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with an extensive benchmarking exercise. Conducted over six and a half months, it revealed that over 7,000 potential disingenuous accounts were deployed in social media discussions related to the Malaysian poultry industry. The number comprised identified bots and trolls on various social media platforms.

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