“When a crisis hits there is very little time to act, you will need help from professionals who have experience handing a crisis.”

We live in the “Age of Crisis”. The Covid-19, protests in Hong Kong, political changes in Malaysia, massive drops in stock markets and currency values are just a few in the current media cycle.

The question is how has this effected your organisation’s ability to deliver your product or service? More importantly, are the key people in decision making positions prepared?

Crisis Management Centre was established to empower individuals, corporations and governments to effectively deal with all aspects of crisis.

The Crisis Management Centre with a wide range of services including:

  • Pre-Crisis Training (CEO & Spokesperson)
  • Gap and Potential Crisis Analysis
  • Mid-Crisis Communications Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Community & Internal)
  • Government Relations (Political & Regulators)
  • Data Driven Social Media Analysts
  • Post Crisis Assessment and Recovery
  • Process Assessment and SOP Development.
  • Desktop Crisis Simulation Drills

A crisis can hit at any time and because of the power of the modern digital media it can be a national or international story within minutes.  You need to be prepared and able to act fast.

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