The game has changed, the rules are evolving, and the prize is increasing – all making for an exciting dynamic for businesses to manage in Asia-Pacific.

As we look at the rapid changes brought on by various supply chain disruptions in Asia, the baseline understanding for companies that are expanding operations has come up several levels as the threat matrix has been evolving. Terms like “Friend Shoring” and “Weaponised Supply Chains” were not mentioned a few months ago, but they are key strategies for many looking to dominate markets across the region.

Opportunities, in the meantime, are growing substantially. Population growth, increased wealth in high-growth countries and niche markets that reflect massive diversity in the region will continue to dominate the narrative of business expansions. But what are the challenges we must overcome to access the emerging opportunities?

Join Nordin Abdullah, Founder of the Crisis Management Centre, and representatives of scoutAsia, the Asia-focused data & news platform by Nikkei, and AJSV to discuss the fast-changing dynamics in the regional business.

This webinar is best for you if you are in:

  • Senior management
  • Strategies & Planning
  • Business development & Operations

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